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Kruptar 7: can't see Japanese characters


Hello. First of all, sorry to write in English instead of Russian (I'm not sure how good would be a Google translation).
I recently installed Kruptar 7 to translate a game from Japanese (FMA Sonata of Memories). The program is really great and has saved me a major headache.
However, I have a problem with Japanese characters not showing correctly. I use a Shift-JIS source table to extract the text.
But even if I select S-JIS under kpCodePage and a Japanese font like MS Gothic, I still don't see the Japanese characters correctly encoded.
I'm on Win10 and I have installed Japanese language support.
What else can I do? It would be a great help viewing the Japanese line along the translation.

I'm not really into Japanese translations, but have you also tried writing codepage at the beginning of the table file?
'CP#', like in this tutorial?

I found the problem. I had selected Shift-JIS in kpCodePage AFTER adding the table, instead of before.
So I guess it was loaded with the wrong encoding, and changing it afterwards didn't work.
It's solved now. Thanks.  :)

No problem!  ;)


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