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Question about ”Основатель команды Magic Team:”


 Please pardon for to open this item, ut i didn't know what more to do, i hope that don't bother.

It turns out that to send a private message is reply necessary to a question, more exactly to this question ”Основатель команды Magic Team:”, i spent almost three weeks looking for the answer, but i could not find it.

I would like to know what is the answer to this question.  because i want to contact me with some friends by private message and due to this question i can't do it.

Thank you all for your answers.


--- Цитировать (выделенное) ---P.S. Основатель команды - Джинни. Это для регистрации. :)
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Hi JurasskPark, thank you for responding, it is precisely with vos wanted to talk about.

Thank you also for the information, now i know who is the founder of this great forum, but i still have the some problem at the time of sending a private message, as i cannot write in russian try copyng the name you gave me, but at the time of sending the private message me this message is displayed: 

* Следующие ошибки возникли при попытке отправки сообщения: Вынеправильноответилинавопрос.And he shows me the box yo place the name of the founder of the forum.Perhaps it may be that won?t let me paste the name, this funtion is disabled on the page?, or maybe i have to look for ways to be able to write in russian.

Thank you again for responding.

CAPTCHA is disabled.

Thank you very much JurasskPark, now let me send private messages.

I thank thee that i've helped them,very soon asks you some things by private massage.

Again thank you very much.


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